Maybe you can’t find a genius like Albert Einstein, but you can find an Excel expert that will keep track of projections.

Lets be honest your secretary only has a limited amount of time to do all your reports and she doesn’t like staying late.  That’s where I come in and just do the essential work for you that you don’t need to pay overtime to anyone else.  I’m as much as the cost of pizza.  I honestly have more value than a slice of pizza.  Think of how much your boss will love you.  Think of the possibility of a raise soon.  Okay, you get the picture.  The bottomline is I provide quality work at a very low price.

Do you need it done today?

I can do that.  I offer 24 hour service, but not counting the time you emailed me.  Check me out on Fiverr.  You can find out my service information and other gigs I do, such as content writing and SQL database work.

Hopefully I will speak to you soon.  Thank you.


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