Here at Roxy Data I’m here to solve your business needs.  I believe in integrity, accountability and innovation.

Are you tired of doing reports?  Look no further because I’m all you need for a one stop shop.  I’ve helped small and large companies generate clear and concise reports anywhere from metrics to sales reports.

In addition, I’ve helped companies figure out their problem areas in their business so they can quickly fix their problems and get back to, you guessed it, business.

Leaveraging the power of Excel spreadsheets could be basic or to complex formulas, such as macros.  When I first learned Excel 15 years ago, I was barely just scratching the surface, but until I kept taking advance steps to more complex data analysis in Excel is when I noticed the power Excel software.  It was more than just keeping track of data, such as products and doing simple calculations.  It was a way to perform complex formulas and create awesome pivot tables that was more meaningful to your boss.  You can even send emails and notifications.  Who knew?

Lets see how you can create a better future for your business.




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